Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Down the memory lane.....

Life is a beautiful journey; we meet countless number of people. We remember some of them for life, some are just a blink and many are unwanted ones, forcefully peep into our memory.

I had a friend in primary school. She was staying in her mama’s house as there was no good school in her village. We were best friends; she used to tell me how she was missing her parents, how her cousins were treating etc… During the leisure period everybody used to play, it’s only me and my friend used to sit under trees in the playground; that is where we used to observe clouds, discuss our little-own botherations. She was the only friend who continued my friendship in primary school.  Other kids did not have good impression on me, they all disliked me, because I used to act bossy, stubborn and short tempered. To everyone’s surprise we were best friends despite all opposite nature. Whenever I had fight with others, promptly I used to report her, unlike me she used to analyze the incident and if I was wrong she never hesitated to point it out. She corrected me number of times.

Unfortunately she could not continue her education after 9th standard. She had to go back to her village as she had major health issues. In those days we didn’t have telephone connections at home; her village was far away from mine. All these didn’t deter us, we kept in touch through letters till 12th standard. During the study holidays I got to know that she had come to her mama’s house. Her mama’s house is approximately 2km from my home. I was super excited to meet her and bring her home for a few days to stay with me. I was meeting her after almost 3 years. So there were loads of stories to tell her which I could not write in letters. Finally, all the way I walked to her mama’s house along with my cousin. I met her, I started my conversation “you are coming to my home and staying with me for 2 days”. She said “no, I can’t come now”. It was an unexpected answer, I was very confident that she would come with me. All my excitement dashed suddenly. I didn’t continue my conversation with her, within 5 minutes I left that place. My ego was hurt I think. I was sad, told mom the whole incident and cried too. Afterwards she wrote many letters, but again I didn’t agree with her. I felt cheated, because in the previous letter she had agreed to stay with me for couple of days. Later she gave up, stopped writing to me. Then one-day I heard from somebody that she got married. I didn’t get invitation, I had moved on in my life - new college, new town, new friends…….

Now after 13 years, I can understand her situation. She had come to her relatives place and how could she come my home? Also, she was grown up, matured, elders in her home might not agreed to send her to anyone’s place. First of all she was a shy girl, more than that she was in her teens then. That is the time when girls go through physical, mental and emotional changes. Anyway I was a tomboy, insensible to those little girly natures. So I could not understand her then. Again because of my short- tempered nature, one beautiful relationship withered. 
I still remember her, talk about her with my husband and with my mother. I don’t know how she looks now, whenever I remember, her tiny, lean physic comes before me. Dear friend you were in mind and heart for ever - then, now and in future too. You are one priceless person I have met in my journey.  Hopefully I will bring life to our friendship again.  Love You

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kudos to Mumbai Women

Finally, I have determined to keep alive my blog. Constant request from my friends, a word from my boss persuaded me to write. I cannot give them regular excuse like 'don't have time' as I have come across many things while traveling in famous (infamous?) Mumbayya local train since last two months.
I am convinced, if you are willing to do something, no force in the world can stop you. Two years of Mumbai life taught me many things, especially, last two months. Daily travel has changed my outlook towards life. There is no need of giving justifications for not doing anything. If one’s is firm to do things, no matter where it is, how it is, he/she can do.
My mother always requests me to put Rangoli in the morning. But I reply her that I don’t get time to do all these in the morning as I have to rush to catch train. But, I feel bad myself when I look at a woman sitting next to me in train reading Hanuman chaalis. She might have school going kids, aged in-laws, lazy husband to look after. Amidst all these, she nurtures her religious conscious; performs her duty at home and at office without disturbing the concept of ‘Indian Woman’.
(I thank all women who commute in local train for bringing changes in me)